Please note:  Although the Elvis Tribute Artist world is a real domain, none of the characters,
places or events in the book actually exist.  They are all fictional creations by the author.  
Marya Kalen
Writer and Artist
Elvis in Wonderland
by Marya Kalen

Buddy has only been in the Elvis Tribute Artist game for a
couple of years and he's having the time of his life!  He would
love to quit his day job and take on entertaining full time. He
truly believes he's got what it takes: Talent, top-notch costumes,
a beautiful girlfriend, a great car. So what's stopping him?
He doesn't know.

'Elvis in Wonderland' explores this mysterious world of
sideburns and glitter.  From the creation of his suits and the
constant practicing of his act to the bizarre backstage antics at
the competitions and shows; you'll get a insider's look at this
fascinating society.

There are many characters in this fantasy world: Blazing stars
who bring Elvis to life with amazing glitz, glamour and
charisma. The slightly less talented Elvii who try, with all their
hearts, to honour the King.

There are Elvii with gimmicks: Elvis on stilts, Emerald Elvis
and Tap dancing Elvis.  There are Female Elvii; baby Elvii;
even dog Elvii!  You'll meet 'em all!

“It’s a strange, wonderful community to be involved in.  Some of these guys
take their roles way too seriously, while others are just in it for the fun!  
Every level of involvement takes a lot of hard work and dedication, whether
you be an ETA, an assistant or a fan.  Hopefully the reader will come away
with a new perspective, and perhaps new respect, for these entertainers in

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