Greetings!  You've unearthed a little slice of our family history.  These photographs, dating back to around 1900 (possibly late 1800's?), were found in
my mother's photo albums. Since her passing in July 24th, 2017, I have taken on the task of recording those photographs, along with any bits of
harmless, but interesting scraps of paper, including, perhaps a letter or two, an old mortgage agreement from the 1960's or whatever I come across
along this journey.  I have tried to include any information from the back of the photograph, either in the original handwriting or my own if necessary.  
Some of it is in Polish, Ukrainian or Czech - if you can read it, let me know what it says!

There are many boxes in my basement, still awaiting my attention, so stay tuned!  I also intend on labelling and organizing these photographs into a  
much more visually appealing order, but right now, the important thing was to get them online before any harm comes to them, and to get feedback from
anyone who might have been around at the time or recognizes anyone.

If you have any information or insight that could help identify the people or places in these photos, please contact me using the 'contact' page in this
website.  It would be awesome to put names to faces, etc.   In the meantime, enjoy!  

Please note:  The quality of some of these photographs is sometimes really bad, but trust me... it was the original photograph, not my scanning skills!  
Kalen Novak Family Vault