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Marya Kalen
Writer and Artist
                                                             Lonely Nevermore - an excerpt
They finally fell asleep in each other’s arms, knowing it might be their final night together. Not wanting it to end.
     They woke within moments of each other the next morning. They greeted the day with a long lingering kiss and an even longer embrace.
Neither wanted to be the first to let go. Andy was dizzy with emotion.
     “Will you marry me?”
     “Ohhh!” she moaned and threw her head back on the pillow.
     “I had to ask. I was hoping you’d changed your mind.”
     She shook her head. “I can’t. I told you.”
     “Fine,” he said, getting out of bed and slipping into his jeans. He strode out to the kitchen and soon Andrea could hear the perking of coffee.
Am I insane? She asked herself. He’s everything I could ask for and more. Why won’t you marry him? That’s nuts!
     She rolled out of bed. “No,” she said aloud, firmly, trying to convince herself. “I have obligations.”
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