I cannot begin to tell you how many HR books I have read in my life, and your book is one of the very best.
One cannot help but root for Poe and Andrea as they face life challenges. You are truly talented and should
be very proud of yourself. I am looking forward to another?? When?
                                                                                               - T.W.

Hi Mary:  I purchased your book, Lonely Nevermore last night at the MIP performance.  I finished it this
morning.  The message was touching and timely for me.  I am impressed with your writing talent.  I hope
you keep on writing because you have a gift  for telling a story and keeping the suspense going.  Let me
know when your next book is coming out.                                                             - C.H.

This novel is a perfect escape from reality. I can’t speak for the male population, but I think most of us
women have had some point in our lives where we’ve dreamed of falling in love with a rockstar. Or, I guess
I should say, we dreamed of having THEM fall in love with US. This novel provides that for Andrea and takes
the reader along for the ride. Andrea’s life is far from easy and Poe helps her find goodness and happiness in
her life. While Poe is obviously not perfect he’s a man that I could find myself falling for. I can’t speak for
anyone else, but I’m sure that the reader will have no trouble falling for him either.

I’d recommend this story to anyone looking for an easy and entertaining read. Especially if they’re a fan of
sweet romances. Poe is nothing if not a gentlemen who treats Andrea the way I’m sure most of us would like
to be treated. This is a perfect novel to read on a rainy or cold day while curled up in a blanket.  4 Cupcakes
out of 5!                                          - Juliette, "Paperbacks and Frosting"
A few reviews from my readers...
Regarding "Grandma's Perogies"  (Short Story):
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About Lonely Nevermore...
From Kindle Customer on Amazon.com   5/5 stars

I always wondered about the ETAs lives, and the women with them. This portrays behind the scenes to get
a feeling about their life styles. It was raw and gritty. Nothing held back. I will see these people in a
different light now. They really do work very hard to live up to the image of an icon. It sounds like a lot of
pressure on them at times. I respect all they do. Would love to see a series of this novel. Great job!
By Amazon Customer on June 11 2016  5/5 stars

Awesome Book!  Elvis in wonderland is a must read. I couldn't put it down. The author gives a very accurate
insight into the life of a tribute artist. The story is both hilarious and fairly true to life.  Hoping for a part
two.  Highly recommend!  - Paul Truman, ETA

I just finished reading "Elvis In Wonderland" & have to say it was an excellent narrative that I could not put
down. As a regular at the Collingwood Elvis Festival, I thoroughly enjoyed this peek behind the scenes.....
however now, every year I will be scanning the ETA's looking for that year's Buddy Altima.
Congratulations on an excellent story & can not wait for "Elvis On Wheels". Will it continue the saga of
Buddy? Either way, looking forward to it with great anticipation.  - Douglas A. Curran
About Elvis in Wonderland
Marya Kalen
Writer and Artist