Here’s the story…   

      John and I were up in Grande Prairie, Alberta visiting
his son Shane and performing his Elvis act at a club called
Better Than Fred’s.  We camped for a couple of nights at a
ski resort – It was great! We were the only tenants in the
group use area so Monte, our dog, had the run of the place.
We had a private washroom just steps from our tent and a
big bonfire pit all to ourselves.  But it was cooooolllldddd
outside!  There was frost on the truck and it was so hard to
get out of bed in the morning.  So we moved on from there
and headed south.            
      The plan was to go down to Montana and go east
through the Dakotas, stopping at the Native Indian and
Wild West towns along the way. However, we missed our
turnoff and instead of heading toward Billings we found
ourselves headed due south.  
    John turned to me and said “Do you want to keep going
until we get somewhere warm?”                    
     I wholeheartedly said, “YES”.
     So, we headed south.  And south.  And south!  Until
we got to the point where we could either turn west toward
Las Vegas, or east toward the Grand Canyon.
      Well, as some of you know, we had been trying to
plan a wedding all summer but due to the complicated task
of getting everybody together in one place at one time, it
never happened.   
      This seemed to be the perfect solution!
      So off to Vegas we went! We checked into a hotel, (just
a Super 8, only a block off the “Strip”.  Nothing fancy, but
they allowed Monte and it had an attached restaurant and
casino.  The bar had Karaoke until 3:00 am, too!)  The next
morning, after a bit of online research, I called up the Little
White Wedding Chapel and made an appointment.  We
were picked up in a White Limousine at 1:30, driven to the
Clerk County Office to get our license then to the Chapel for
the ceremony.
       We hadn’t brought any fancy clothes with us, so I just
wore the ‘dress that doesn’t wrinkle that you throw into the
bottom of your suitcase, just in case….’ dress (you ladies
know what I mean), and John wore the best clothes he had
on hand.  I tied a white Elvis scarf into a bow around
Monte’s neck as he was to act as ‘Best Mutt’ at the
wedding.  Oh, and I had left my ring at home so I had to
borrow one of John’s Elvis rings.  I chose the TCB lightning
bolt ring (it was the one that Elvis gave to all his
bodyguards and friends – TCB stood for ‘Taking Care of
Business’)  I thought it was appropriate!
       So Monte walked (dragged) me down the aisle, John
and I exchanged vows and cried at the appropriate
moments; John slipped the ring on my finger and the job
was done!
      It was a short but very sweet ceremony and we will
remember it forever.       
  John & Marya (Kalen) Welsh
We got Married!
September 26th, 2012
Marya Kalen
Writer and Artist
Monte got a private tour of Vegas in the Limousine!
'Goin' to the chapel and we're.... gonna get maaarried...'
John, Marya & our 'Best Mutt'
Our happy little family!